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Massachusetts motorcycle accident shows risks all riders face

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are many motorcyclists in Massachusetts. In general, they ride responsibly, adhere to the law and wear proper safety equipment. Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks who share the road with riders are also vigilant about motorcyclists. Factors such as yielding, paying attention to the road, driving sober and being alert are all fundamental keys to preventing motorcycle collisions. Still, riders are among the most vulnerable people on the road. A motorcycle accident can result in brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, lost limbs and, of course, fatalities. One recent accident exemplifies the dangers riders face.

The rider, 31, was heading to his job when he was hit by a motor vehicle. According to the investigation, the driver of the car was an elderly man who fled the scene after the accident. The vehicle was later stopped and the driver identified. There is video of the accident via the rider’s helmet GoPro. He saw the vehicle turning in front of his bike and tried to avoid it. He was hit and then ran into the guardrail, suffering severe injuries including the possible loss of his arm. Witnesses aided the rider after the accident and stayed with him until paramedics arrived. The family is seeking donations in a campaign to pay for his medical bills including rehabilitation and aftercare.

This case shows how a motorcycle accident can happen without warning and even impact experienced, cautious riders. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out the challenges confronting riders. In 2018, for example, there were nearly 5,000 motorcyclist fatalities. That was a 5% reduction from the previous year, but it does not change the statistics that say riders are in far greater jeopardy for a fatality than others. Some riders may push the envelope with speed and weaving in and out, but people driving passenger vehicles are advised to realize the vulnerabilities motorcyclists contend with. That includes the chance that drivers will not see the bike before it is too late.

After a motorcycle accident, the injured rider needs to think about how to get to full health. That may require a long hospitalization, rehabilitation, assistance in completing the necessities of life and other forms of care. Equipment may be needed, professional care for part of the day or even the entire day, and family help is often required. Working will be a challenge and lost wages a concern. A legal filing could help to recover compensation for all that was lost. The investigation into the accident can be critical when thinking about filing a claim.

With the rider who may lose his arm and is receiving treatment, there are a litany of factors to consider for the future. Already his family is seeking help via donation to pay for what will clearly be a long recovery. This is common after motorcycle crashes. Legal assistance with a holistic approach and understanding every area of an accident and its aftermath can be vital to a successful claim. Given the long-term impact of motorcycle accidents whether the rider was severely hurt or the family lost a loved one, it is wise to consult with experienced professionals in the legal field. Calling for guidance and advice is the first step.