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The most dangerous time of year for drunk driving is almost here

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drunk driving is a consistent safety issue. People never know when they might encounter an impaired motorist on the road. Some people work third-shift jobs and might stop at a bar at 9:00 in the morning, only to drive home drunk at 10:00. People may encounter impaired motorists on weekends or at any point throughout the week.

Still, when looking at data from drunk driving crashes, certain patterns begin to emerge. According to a long-term analysis of drunk driving collisions, the most dangerous part of the year for fatal drunk driving crashes is almost upon us all.

Summer sees more crashes than any other season

Drunk driving data paints a clear picture of when risk is highest. Many of the worst crashes occur late at night and around major holidays. Three of the holidays with the highest degree of drunk driving risk are summer celebrations. Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day all see a significant increase in fatal drunk driving wrecks. That combined with summer vacations and young adults being out of school contribute to the summer being when 28% of drunk driving fatalities occur. The other seasons all have a lower percentage of the total drunk driving fatalities each year.

What does this mean for traffic safety?

It is obviously not realistic to expect people to simply stay off the road during the summer because of heightened crash risk. Instead, drivers may need to adjust their personal habits to reflect the enhanced risk during the warmer months. Minimizing late-night driving, especially on the weekends, could potentially reduce how many impaired motorists a driver encounters on the roads and highways. Those who intentionally avoid driving in the evening on federal holidays or on the weekends before or after major holidays could also limit their chances of encountering a dangerous drunk motorist. Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious of drivers could end up injured in a crash caused by someone who doesn’t follow the law consistently.  When driving on holiday weekends, pay extra attention to your surroundings, and be sure to minimize any distractions.

Those who understand the factors that influence their risk in traffic can theoretically make better choices about keeping themselves safe on the road or holding people accountable for their inappropriate behavior. Seeking compensation via a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim might be necessary for those involved in drunk driving collisions and who have suffered harm as a result of another’s impairment.