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How can drivers avoid catastrophic override and underride wrecks?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Big commercial trucks can cause horrific crashes. In fact, some of the worst kinds of collisions only occur with commercial vehicles. Underride and override wrecks occur when a smaller vehicle strikes a commercial truck at high speeds or vice versa. The outcome of these crashes is often negative for the people in the smaller vehicle.

The massive difference in size and weight between commercial and passenger vehicles can make these collisions particularly concerning. When you understand what causes override and underride crashes, you may have a better chance of avoiding one while on the road.

Override crashes are a form of rear-end crash

The vast majority of override crashes will involve a commercial vehicle striking a smaller passenger vehicle from behind. Often, the smaller vehicle will have stopped or may have maintained a slower speed than the commercial truck.

Abruptly maneuvering in front of a commercial truck could cause an override collision, as could slowing down more quickly than the big truck behind you can. The truck may go up and over part of the smaller vehicle, crushing it with its weight and momentum.

Underride crashes involve a car hitting a truck

Sometimes, the issue is that a passenger vehicle hits a commercial truck, not the other way around. In a rear underride collision, a passenger vehicle will strike the back of a truck trailer, potentially pushing its way under the bigger vehicle and causing damage to the vehicle.

Side underride crashes could be the fault of either party. The driver of a passenger vehicle could strike the side of a commercial trailer, or the commercial driver trying or merge because they didn’t see the vehicle in their blind spot.

Underride collisions are often preventable if the people in smaller vehicles give big trucks more space and the drivers of commercial vehicles are more aware of their surroundings. Trucking companies can also reduce these crashes by investing in top of the line underride guards instead of those required by law. A combination of bad driving habits and inadequate safety investments can lead to a preventable tragedy.

Learning about the risk factors and consequences for commercial vehicle crashes is important for anyone on the modern roads.