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Femur Fractures From Massachusetts Car Crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

According to the website, there have been 60,765 motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts as of July 2023!!. Unfortunately, serious injuries, including death, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and fractures are common injuries from car accidents.   Life can change on a dime when you are seriously injured as a result of a crash caused by a distracted, inattentive driver.  We commonly see fractures occurring during a high impact collision. Today we will focus on the femur.

What is the femur?

The femur is the thigh bone and the longest and strongest bone in the human body. The femur reaches all the way from the hip to the knee. The femur is strong and large bone because it helps carry the weight of the human body. The femur is also strong enough to support 30 times the weight of a typical-sized adult.

The femur plays a role in a person’s ability to stand, walk and run. In addition to allowing movement, the femur supports tendons, muscles and ligaments. Because of the strength and size of the femur, it takes a great deal of force to cause femur fractures. However, the severe trauma resulting from motor vehicle accidents can cause femur injuries.

Femur fractures

A fracture can occur anywhere on the femur. During motor vehicle accidents, femur fractures usually run along the length of the bone because violent force generally causes the femur to fracture in a specific pattern.

The knee can also be injured if a femur has a fracture. In fact, the femur is considered a part of the knee. The knee includes the femur, the shinbone and the kneecap. So technically, a knee fracture is also a femur fracture.


Treatment for this injury requires the care of an orthopedic specialist. The location of the fracture also plays a role in treatment options. Recovery times vary, and complications are possible.  This is the type of injury that requires specialized medical care for the best possible outcome.