Truck accidents can cause a wide range of injuries

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Large trucks can cause some of the most catastrophic accidents in Massachusetts, especially on our highways and interstates The larger the truck, the more varied and severe the injuries. Severe and complex injuries can take years to resolve, and often result, in permanent disability.

What causes truck accidents?

Truck accidents involving semi-trailers and smaller vehicles occur about once every 15 minutes. Human error frequently causes truck accidents, as long-distance truck drivers live a hectic lifestyle and are frequently sleep-deprived. Delivery deadlines and lack of sleep can lead to devastating consequences. But beyond that factor, big rigs are more dangerous because of their massive size and weight. They can be difficult to maneuver and need more room to stop and turn.

Possible injuries from semi-truck accidents

Injuries can range from minor to severe. One of the more common ones is whiplash due to the sudden jarring movement of the head and neck upon impact. Other injuries to the spine and neck are also common. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can also occur. These have varying levels of severity, ranging from mild to moderate concussion to injuries that result from metal or other objects penetrating the skull. Victims may also sustain further injuries, including broken bones, issues with the ribs, internal injuries and surface injuries that can include bruising and lacerations. Another factor is distracted drivers of motor vehicles causing hazardous driving conditions on a highway where trucks traffic is heavy.

Seeking medical treatment is essential

Although some personal injuries from truck accidents, such as broken bones, are immediately apparent, others are not. Some injuries, like whiplash and soft tissue injuries, or ligamentous injury, slowly manifest symptoms. Having a medical professional provide a thorough examination soon after the accident will help with documenting any injuries that have occurred, and setting you on the right path for effective and appropriate medical treatment.

Getting prompt medical treatment is also imperative when someone suffers multiple severe injuries. In these cases, victims and their families must keep detailed medical records to submit to insurance companies for compensation. If death is involved, a wrongful death lawsuit would need to be filed in the appropriate court. Requested compensation includes, but is not limited to compensation  for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical costs, and treatment not covered by insurance.