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5 common causes of motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycle Season is upon us with the beautiful spring and summer weather. Motorcyclists have a unique viewpoint of the road and road conditions. Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the feeling of freedom and control. Yet, the freedom that comes with these open vehicles means that riders do not have the protection of a frame around them to protect in the event of a collision.

While many people may believe that motorcyclists are unsafe riders and are always the cause of crashes, that’s is certainly not the reality. Experienced and competent motorcyclists are among the most careful, competent and mindful operators on the road. It is rare indeed to see a distracted motorcyclist, while unfortunately, seeing distracted car drivers on the road is all too common.

These are five factors that can cause serious motorcycle wrecks that have nothing to do with the behavior or skill of riders.

Other motorists

Other motorists are a primary cause of motorcycle crashes. More than two-thirds of crashes that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle are the result of the actions of the driver of the other vehicle. All drivers have to watch for motorcycles because failing to do so can be fatal. Paying attention saves lives; distracted driving costs lives.

Road conditions

Road conditions, such as potholes and uneven pavement, can easily throw a motorcycle off balance. Motorcyclists should try to avoid these as much as possible. It’s up to municipalities and other officials to ensure roads are in the best condition possible.


Wildlife darting into the road is another hazard. The risk of this increases from dusk to dawn when wildlife is most active. The design of motorcycles means that one being struck by a large animal, such as a deer, can be catastrophic.

Grass clippings

Grass clippings are predominately water, so they can be slippery when a motorcyclist rides over them. That increases if the clippings are damp, even if it’s only from morning dew. Motorcyclists can fall off their motorcycles if they lose traction. If they try to avoid the clippings, they may swerve into another traffic lane. Because of this, anyone cutting grass should ensure they don’t blow the clippings in the road.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions, including rain and snow, can lead to dangerous conditions for motorcyclists. This is partially due to the loss of traction that comes with the slick roads. The increase in stopping distance for other vehicles is another factor.

Because of the prejudices and bias that sometimes affect motorcyclists, it’s critical that any motorcyclist who’s injured has a legal representative who can help them to assert their rights in the wake of a crash. This is a chance for an injured motorcyclist to seek compensation for the financial damages they’ve suffered as a result of another’s negligence. Motorcyclists also need to be particularly aware of having appropriate insurance coverage in the event of injuries, as those injuries are often very serious.