Trust And Experience Matter

Useful Answers To The Question “What Should I Do After A Car Accident?”

When trust and experience matter after a serious car accident has injured you and/or a family member, the law firm with the multiple offensive that protects your rights — investigation, negotiation and litigation when needed – is Geary & Geary, LLP, in Lowell.

And since you have no idea about the driving abilities of those around you, our leadership begins before your accident, so you won’t have to ask, “What should I do?” You’ll just do it: gathering facts, sorting out your own perception of chains-of-events, interviewing eyewitnesses and recording damage to your vehicle (and yourself), among other priorities.

Geary & Geary, LLP, attorneys have made accident victims just like you our number one priority during more than 50 years of personal injury practice. Every word of advice, every task we take on, or every obstacle we hurdle is intended for your benefit and to return your life to normal.

The Personal Injury Law Firm You Want On Your Side After An Accident

Massachusetts injury victims in motor vehicle mishaps should try to remember to attend to these responsibilities at the accident scene:

  • Call the police and EMTs for quick first response
  • Collect information on every possible aspect of the accident — identities of those involved, location, weather, road conditions and more
  • Discuss the accident with participants and witnesses
  • Take pictures of damage to your vehicle
  • Protect the accumulation of evidence, to show to a personal injury attorney later
  • Reach out to your own insurance company, to report the accident
  • Seek medical help, if necessary, and legal help, definitely

These proactive measures can be preventative too, eliminating confusion “down the road” during the legal process of expediting your injury claim. Our lawyers work hard to repay your due diligence with fact-based, quality representation that gets results. The firm’s goal in every case we handle is to collect maximum financial compensation that recovers all losses — health care costs, lost income and vehicle replacement expenses, to name just a few.

We Provide Free Initial Consultations

Do you continue to feel dazed and confused after a sudden, serious car accident in Lowell or environs? Are there still gaps in your memory yet to be filled in? These are just a few of factors we attempt to unearth during free initial consultation. We can also visit with you at your home or hospital room if your injuries prevent you from traveling. Just call 978-319-4194 or email us to set up your free initial consultation.

For your added comfort, convenience and savings, no legal fees are owed to us unless we win your case. This contingency fee policy is the basis for all of our personal injury, workplace accident injury and wrongful death work.