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What To Know About The Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code

Probate can be a confusing topic, especially for anyone outside the legal profession. Although state laws have been simplified in recent years, it’s still a good idea to work with a knowledgeable attorney like those at Geary & Geary, LLP.

How Probate Laws Have Changed

Prior to 2012, the probate laws and processes in Massachusetts could be traced back hundreds of years, meaning that they were often confusing and not always relevant to modern times. Thankfully, the state adopted the Uniform Probate Code in 2012, greatly simplifying many aspects of estate law and bringing Massachusetts into alignment with nearly half of the other states (who had also adopted the UPC).

Increased Options For Estate Administration

Some of the most welcome changes are a range of options for administration, which is the process of settling the estate. If there are no disputes between beneficiaries or other problems to be resolved, the estate can go through informal administration, which is usually quicker and less expensive than other options.

In cases where there are disputes or objections, the interested parties may seek formal administration, which provides a mechanism for resolving disputes. Supervised administration involves an even higher level of scrutiny because it asks the court to supervise the personal representative’s actions.

Finally, for small estates, the personal representative has the option of voluntary administration. In this process, the representative essentially carries out the terms of the will without much guidance. In order to qualify for voluntary administration, however, an estate must be worth less than $25,000, contain no real estate and include no more than one car.

How We Can Help You

The attorneys at Geary & Geary, LLP, are ready to guide you through all aspects of estate law, including the probate process. Our depth of experience and range of knowledge allow us to provide more than just standalone legal services. We believe in serving the whole client, therefore ensuring that you receive the most appropriate and beneficial resolution to your legal matter.

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